Faery Herbs, Flowers and Plants

Here are plants associated with or linked to the fae and their meanings.

  • Lavender - Faery attracting, faery sight, faery magic, faery dreams, used by faeries for healing magic
  • Yarrow - Faery dreams, communication with the fae, faery attracting
  • Red Clover - Faery attracting, luck, breaks glamours, faery sight when crushed, protection
  • White Clover - Faery dreams, moon faeries
  • Wood Sorrel - Faery attracting, luck, joy, communication and understanding with the fae
  • Thyme - Faery magic, fae attracting, faery dreams, protection charm, an invitation to the fae when sprinkled across doorstep, faery sight when crushed
  • Pansy - Faery magic, faery attracting, communication, faery sight, invites rain when picked under the sun, favourite of trooping fae
  • Bluebell - Acts as warning of fae enchantments and danger, hearing one ring is a bad omen, faery magic, spring faery enchantments
  • Acorn - Protection amulet, attracts fae, symbol of the green man, brings the wisdom of the elder fae, prosperity charm
  • Lilac - Faery attracting, faery magic, faery communication, wards against malicious sprites, faery dreams, breaks memory enchantments
  • St. John’s Wort - Protection against the fae, warding against the fae, breaks any faery enchantments and heals faery inflicted illnesses such as faery darts
  • Foxgloves - Faery attracting, dangerous to pick, faery magic, a faery symbol, earth and garden faeries
  • Forget-me-not - Faery attracting, faery magic, faery protection, breaks faery enchantments and may reveal hidden faery treasures
  • Marigolds - Faery sight when dabbed on eyelids, faery dreams, ability to hear fae, the Summer Solstice, happiness, faery attracting
  • Violets - Symbol of Faery Queens, faery magic, faery attracting, the Spring Equinox
  • Basil - Faery attracting, fire faeries
  • Oak - Part of the faery triad, a sacred faery tree, ancient faery wisdom, the green man, faery enchantments
  • Ash/Rowan - Part of the faery triad, a faery symbol, repells and wards against malicious fae
  • Hawthorn - Part of the faery triad, a faery symbol, threshold to the faery world, faery attracting, Beltane, faery magic
  • Elderberry - A faery symbol,threshold to the faery world, dangerous to break branches from, faery sight, faery enchantments
  • Daisy - Protection from being taken by fae when worn as a daisy chain with nine links, luck, joy, invites benevolent fae
  • Primrose - Attracts fae when hung in doorway and repells them when sprinkled across doorstep, may open portals to faery land when five are tapped on a faery rock
  • Fern - Faery magic, faery sight, sometimes lived in by fae
  • Heather - May open portals to faery land, faery protection
  • Oats - Repells and protects against some types of fae
  • Rosemary - Banishes harmful sprites, symbol of the elder faeries, may bring ancient wisdom, faery attracting
  • Snapdragon - Faery attracting, fire faeries, dragon magic, communication, brings protection when grown in your garden


I hope my writings and research can bring a bit of happiness and magic to your day! 🍀