Faery lore: Second Sight

Simple faery sight tips:

  • Blink rapidly, or keep your eyes closed for a few seconds and then open them suddenly. You may glimpse something run across your vision for a second.
  • Sit in front of a blank area of wall and watch the corners of your vision. Look for shadow figures and light specks.
  • Stare at tree branches blowing in the wind and let your eyes go out of focus. You may suddenly realise the leaves form a face.
  • Stand in the middle of a forest or meadow. Can you feel any faeries near? Close your eyes and see the same place in your head.
  • Close one eye and squint the other while looking through a holey stone, knot of wood, leaf or shell with a hole in it.
  • Stare into a lake or pond, and watch for blurry movements in the mirrored reflection.

Plants related to faery sight:

  • Thyme: making an infusion of thyme in olive oil and dabbing it on the eyelids may grant faery sight
  • Lavender: Breathing in the scent of lavender or carrying a sprig with you may help
  • Clover: Crushing a clover or infusing it in honey to eat may grant brief faery sight

When and where:

  • It is said to be easiest to see fae at in-between times, such as dawn or dusk, noon or midnight
  • Faeries are more easily seen around oak, rowan or hawthorn trees, bluebell meadows, clover patches, gardens, forests and lavender fields
  • Faeries may be easier to see at in-between places, like crossroads, gates and doorways
  • Running round a faery ring nine times during a full moon may cause faeries inside to become visible

Happy faery-spotting!



I hope my writings and research can bring a bit of happiness and magic to your day! 🍀