Faery Tales Dream Jar

A blend of herbs and flowers for faery dreams.

  • Yarrow - vivid dreams
  • Rosemary - vivid dreams, aid in remembering dreams, banishing nightmares
  • Thyme - faery attracting, vivid dreams
  • Lavender - lucid dreams, faery attracting
  • Lilac - faery attracting, aid in remembering dreams, prevents nightmares
  • Sage - peaceful dreams, protects against nightmares
  • Peppermint - vivid dreams, wishes
  • Cedarwood - vivid dreams, prevents nightmares

Mix your herbs and/or essential oils into sugar, and charge under the full moon. Keep a pinch in a sachet under your pillow for dreams of faery forests and meadows.

"Faery fair and faery bright, may I dream of you tonight"




I hope my writings and research can bring a bit of happiness and magic to your day! 🍀