Summer things to do during Winter

The darker months are hard, especially if you're more of a summer fae!

  1. If you can't get fresh flowers, decorate with silk ones
  2. Drink hot tea and soak up the warmth, or drink it iced to remind you of summer
  3. Eat fresh fruits and vegtables
  4. Use flowers you've saved from summer in your bath
  5. Look for the lights of winter (tree lights, the sun on the snow, the moonlight, etc)
  6. Place pictures of green meadows, forests and gardens around your room, or set them as your screensaver
  7. Use bright, floral and fruity oils like orange, rose, lilac, grapefruti and jasmine
  8. Keep a jar of dried moss or dried flowers by your bed
  9. Make up for lost sunlight with light therapy
  10. Hang up fairy lights in your room
  11. Spritz your room and hair with floral perfume
  12. Stuck indoors? Watch nature documentaries and gardening shows
  13. Light your fireplace if you have one, or floral candles if you don't
  14. Fill a neckwarmer with with herbs like lavender, roses and chamomile
  15. Carry rose quartz, citrine, rutilated quartz or any stone that reminds you of the sun
  16. When there is sun, sit by the window and read to soak it up
  17. Hang glass crystals in your window to cast tiny rainbows around your room
  18. Make tea blends with spicy, strong herbs
  19. Draw out a garden plot plan for next spring
  20. Listen to ambient meadow or garden sounds
  21. Make a mason jar fairy lantern
  22. Make a dream pillow with flowers you associate with summer faeries
  23. Wear a flower crown in your hair
  24. Read about faery queen Áine, draw a picture of her or write her a letter and seal it in a jar with dried flowers
  25. Make paper butterflies to decorate your room
  26. Keep a stack of faery lore/art books near your bed that remind you of summer
  27. Use lavender infused honey or sugar in your tea
  28. Make a playlist of music for the Summer Court
  29. Maker an herb jar of summer energy with orange, rose, lemon balm, lavender and lilac
  30. Make an herb jar of spring energy with daisy, clover, jasmine, and vanilla
  31. Hang garlands of paper flowers in your home
  32. Light midsummer incense
  33. Paint wooden pegs to make a mushroom faery ring
  34. Make sun water and use it in your tea
  35. Ask the fae to show you a summery place in their world
  36. Leave out small rocks on your windowsill to soak up the sun, and then carry them with you
  37. Make an anti-depression tea with lemonbalm, mint, ginger and oatstraw
  38. Paint dried maple seeds or leaves to look like faery wings (these can represent personal freedom, transformation and uplifting)
  39. Go outdoors and look for any branches that have berries still
  40. Make herbal referance cards showing how to identify them for foraging trips next summer


I hope my writings and research can bring a bit of happiness and magic to your day! 🍀