Spring Foraging

Wood Sorrel: The heart shaped leaves and small yellow flowers of this plant are edible, with a refreshing lemony taste.

The juice of the Wood Sorrel can be used to quench thirst, calm fevers, aid in healing wounds and reduce swelling, strengthen weak stomach and increase appetite. You can also add it to lemonade and other iced teas for extra flavor.

This plant is associated with woodland fairies, joy, luck, healing, and attracting merry sprites. Finding a four leaf one can be considered a gift from the fae, and carried to bring cheerfulness. Gather a small bunch and place in a vase to bring refreshing spring energy to your home.


Ground Ivy: This plants small purple flowers and heart shaped leaves are sometimes mistaken for purple dead nettle. Ground ivy is edible, with a mild sage like flavour.

The leaves and flower heads of this plant are anti-inflammatory, can be used to treat colds, stimulate the digestive system and help with stomach complaints. It can also be enjoyed as a salad green, seasoning, or cooked like spinach.

Ground ivy appears in traditional Irish fairy lore where it is used as protection from enchantments and to break glamours. In one story, a young woman is able to escape being enchanted by grabbing onto a sprig of the plant, and carrying it to ward away harm. Weave it into crowns on midsummer, or add to a dream sachet for peaceful sleep and lovely dreams.


Bittercress: These small green leaves in a circular arrangement are edible, with a strong, peppery taste.

The leaves of Bittercress are full of vitamin C, and make a great fresh salad addition or garnish.

This plants ability to remain green through the cold of winter speaks of vitality, freedom and hope, while its peppery flavor and hardiness can represent strength. Gather the tiny white flowers into mini bouquets for spring gifts.


Purple Deadnettle: This plant has a unique square stem that marks it as part of the mint family. It is edible and has a bitter, green flavour.

The leaves of the purple deadnettle can be crushed and used in poultices for healing small wounds, and are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. They also can be used as a garnish for fresh salads and make a good addition to smoothies, as purple deadnettle is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants. The flowers also is favored by bees, and can help attract them to your garden.

Purple deadnettle represents grounding, contentment, and tenacity. Sink your feet into the earth where deadnettle grows and breathe deeply, or add the flowers to your bath when you need a mood boost.


Dandelion: The sunny head, jagged leaves and roots of this plant are all edible. The leaves have a bitter taste, while the flower heads are sweet.

Early spring is the best time to harvest the fresh greens, flower heads and roots, as they will be less bitter and more flavorful. Dandelion can be used for upset stomach, appetite, digestive issues and skin care. It is anti-inflammatory and packed with vitamins and minerals. The roots can be roasted and ground to make dandelion coffee, or the buds to make dandelion wine.

With their bright faces, dandelions mirror the summer sun. In folklore, they were also associated with the Otherworld, and fairies of the Seelie Court are especially fond of dandelion wine! With so much folklore, it's no wonder why we blow away the seeds and make a wish!


Red Clover: The magenta and white flowers of this plant are edible with a sweet taste.

This plant can help increase blood flow, treat skin rashes and irritations, sooth coughing and inflamed lungs, and may ease menopausal symptoms. You can make red clover tea, use it in desserts, or infuse it in honey for a treat. Red clover is also loved by bees and will help attract them to your garden.

Clover is one of the most well known fairy plants. In folklore, carrying a four-leaf clover is said to allow you protection from enchantments, while making a balm from the clover and dabbing it on your eyelids may help you to catch of glimpse of hidden sprites. Washing your windows in clover infused water is said to attract luck and prosperity.


Please make sure you know how to identify a plant before eating it. Safety is important!

Happy Foraging!🌿



I hope my writings and research can bring a bit of happiness and magic to your day! 🍀