Fairy Places in Our World

The world of the fae is separate from ours, so it overlaps our lands, but on a different plane of reality. In between is the veil, which the faeries through their magic abilities can cross through. Some faeries prefer to live in our world for many reasons, are set to protect certain areas, or were banished here from the faery courts.

Their world is one of unspoiled wild beauty and eldritch enchantments, which is why it is most easy to see faeries in places of nature, where the veil is thin. Certain areas can act as faery portals too, such as circles of standing stones, arches made of vines and branches, old wells and wildflower meadows.

There are also certain times when it grows easier to sight faeries and feel their magic. Dawn, dusk, noon and midnight are all considered between times when the veil slips slightly. And on the days of the Beltane, Midsummer, the Autumn Equinox, and Samhain faeries may be seen celebrating, and the Great Courts ride out in procession in the Faery Rades.

Faery Rings

Faery rings are the naturally occurring circles of mushrooms or dark grass which the fae hold their otherworldly dances in. It is dangerous to intrude in a faery ring under the light of the moon on festivals, and there are many tales of humans falling under faery enchantment after being lured into the ring by eerie strains of music. But it is said one may safely hear the faeries dance by putting an ear to the earth next to a faery ring. To gain sight of a faery dance, run around a faery ring exactly nine times under the full moon.

Faery Paths

Faery paths (also called 'ley lines') are the echoes of roads that the fae use in the worlds that have crossed through ours. At these points, faery magic and energy is strong and can often be felt by humans, through the sensation of feeling haunted, chilled, or faery struck. Building on top of a faery path is very bad luck and houses built crossing faery paths are often "haunted" by disgruntled faeries. In Ireland, some houses were made with front and back doors that stood opposite each other so the fae could pass through, and builders would lay a stone on a plot of land and look in the morning to see if it had been moved to determine if the plot was safe to build on.

Faery Trees

Faery trees are old lone trees (often oak, rowan or hawthorn) that stand in the middle of a field. These trees are protected by the fae, and should be approached cautiously and never harmed, for fear of angering the fae. They are often portals to the otherworld, and faery sightings are frequent around them.



I hope my writings and research can bring a bit of happiness and magic to your day! 🍀